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This is a FAQ and an alternative front-end to the Garbo Library.

(Garbo archives) Garbo Shareware and Freeware Programs Library

An important note: The workstation hosting Garbo at the University of Vaasa, Finland, has broken down in 2012. This is final. The university's ICT Management informs that the broken workstation will not be replaced. Thus the Garbo library has ceased to exist. The relevant copyrights, however, are not released.

Likewise, the program packages from Prof. (emer.) Timo Salmi are not available any more. However, the following selections from Timo still continue to be downloadable from a private server: tscmd.zip tsbat.zip tsfaqp.zip tslin.zip. Also see: tscmd.php and tsfaq.htm. 

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About Shareware

Many if not most of the programs which were at Garbo archives are distributed as shareware. Please duly observe the shareware concept. Shareware programs are not free. Getting them from an archive site is not enough. After a trial period you will have to register. Please always see the relevant program's documentation for the registration details.

Some still valid links that resided on this page

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FAQ Some Frequently Asked Garbo Questions

Not all the items are in a particular order.
  1. What is garbo.uwasa.fi? 
  2. How do I get files from Garbo?  WWW, FTP, mail server
  3. I downloaded a file. It has a .zip (or a similar) extension. Now what? 
  4. How do I get to hear about new files at Garbo?  News, info-files, mailing lists
  5. I need such and such a program. Would you advise me? 
  6. I want more information before I download a file. 
  7. Whom to contact about problems with Garbo? 
  8. Why cannot I connect to or get files from Garbo? 
  9. The .zip file I downloaded from Garbo is corrupt. What to do? 
  10. Problems with a program and/or finding the author's address. 
  11. Can you help with my problems with Garbo's mailing list? 
  12. I found a virus in a file from Garbo. What should I do? 
  13. What if the announced file is not at Garbo? 
  14. Why doesn't Garbo's mail server respond to my correct request? 
  15. I'd like to upload my own material to Garbo. How do I do that? 
  16. Why is Garbo's uploading procedure overly demanding? 
  17. What uploads will Garbo automatically reject? 
  18. To whom do I email my upload announcement? 
  19. May we mirror Garbo archives? 
  20. Could I be of assistance in maintaining the Garbo archives? 
  21. May I use Garbo's astronomy images? 
Miscellaneous Garbo questions, information and comments
  1. About "nag" and "demo" in Garbo's file list. 
  2. What kind of expireware is acceptable to Garbo? 
  3. Any special considerations in submitting Turbo Pascal material? 
  4. Why hasn't my old program been removed from Garbo like I asked? 
  5. Why are so many of Garbo's Windows 95 directories empty? 
Miscellaneous questions, information and comments about Timo's programs etc
  1. Could I have your Turbo Pascal program's source? 
  2. I need your advice with this programming problem 
  3. Could you help me in accessing Usenet newsgroups? 
  4. My most common reply to outside international students' emailed questions 
  5. Why don't you answer my email (or answer the way I would prefer)? 
  6. Answers to some frequently asked personal questions 
For more FAQ information and comments, please see Links to Timo's FAQ materials .
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