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Since 1994

What is TERM-LIST?

A Forum for
terminologists, scholars, teachers, students, translators as well as for others interested in terminology science, terminological research, terminology work and lexical special language research without any geographical, linguistic or disciplinary boundaries.

The goal of TERM-LIST
is to provide members with a fast, convenient, and relevant forum that focuses on issues related to the theory and practice of terminology.

TERM-LIST can be used:
to send information on current research and research interests, theory and practice of terminology, different applications, to announce and review new articles, books, approaches, methods and tools of analysis; to announce conferences, seminars, courses and jobs; etc.

TERM-LIST is not, however, a forum for searching for specific terms or discussing specific translation problems. Use Terminology Collection for term search instead. Emphasis is rather on meta-level and announcements on activities. TERM-LIST is moderated and only relevant messages are forwarded to the mailing-list. The list does not fill your mailbox, because there are only a few - but very relevant - messages a month.

How to?

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Where is it?

TERM-LIST is based at the University of Vaasa, Finland


Questions about list membership, management should be sent to the list-owner:

Anita Nuopponen,


| <> Anita Nuopponen |

| Dept. of Communication Studies | Faculty of Humanities | University of Vaasa, Finland |

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