Vaasan yliopiston tohtoripromootio 8 - 10.6.2006

Hat, sword & dress code


The hat was a symbol of a free and independent man already in ancient Rome. In universities the doctoral hat is a symbol of freedom of research. The Finnish doctoral hat looks like a top hat. The colour of the hat indicates the field of science; violet: theology, burgundy: law, green: medicine, tricolour blue: arts, and dark blue: physical education. All other fields of science, and all the fields of science at the University of Vaasa, have black hats. The hats are hand-made according to individual measurements. The golden emblem attached to the velvet band of the hat also indicates the university or the field of science. University of Vaasa has its own emblem for the whole university.


The sword used at the Ceremonies is Finland's official civilian sword. It sword comes with a scabbard and a black or golden holder. The university's golden symbol will also be on the sword. The person's name and the date of their dissertation as well as the date of the Degree Ceremony are etched on the sword. The sword is traditionally carried on the left side.

Dress code

Dress code follows the old academic traditions. Instructions are available below in PDF format.

» Dress code (PDF)


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