How to draw on AUTOpoint slides:

That is now possible with some JavaScript functions.

BTW, TikkUkko is nearly a GoogleUniq word. That may help you to use Google to find relevant pages on web.


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The core of the tikkUkko.js is the jcanvas.js that has been implemented to help to use HTML5 canvas with jQuery.

Other software

In all there are (at least) the following software/API used in getting tikkUkko.js to work: Who said that internet makes things complex. He was dam right.
So, if you are able to program one programming language like C.
Please, learn half a dozen more languages, and you can make an interactive webpage.

How to use?

The drawing can be switched on from the menu that pops up at the left upper corner of the slide page.
Just move the cursor (mouse, finger) there and the menu pops up.
There you you can find some controls for Then you can draw by moving cursor (mouse, finger) on the page, when mouse button is pressed.
You can draw any number of curves, just by releasing mouse button to end a curve and the starting a new curve when pressing again mouse button.
swan point-to-point

What next?

How about doing point-to-point drawing with tikkUkko...
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