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Tiivistelmä / Abstract

AUTOsilma sivulla on linkkejä silmien kuvantamiseen yms. ja erityisesti siinä käytettyihin loisteaineisiin varsinkin lähi-infrapunalla toimivaan indosyaniinivihreään.

Sivu on tuotettu FIELD NIRce hankkeessa, joka on EU;n Botnia-Atlantica -ohjelman osahanke.

AUTOeye page contains links to eye imaging and similar pages especially to contrast agents used in imaging, in particular to papers using near-infrared fluorescent indocyanine green.

This page is produced in FIELD NIRce project which is a subproject of Bothnia-Atlantica.

Status (tasks)

Tasks done

  • Retinal image registration lab work for AUTO1030 Signal processing course announced 9th April 2008. Seems to suits also for AUTO2050 Soft computing and perhaps AUTOlaser.
  • AUTO1030/AUTO2050 course labwork: diabetic retinopathy classification using fractal dimension of vasculature. (Kari and Franz)
  • This page created 14th April 2008.
  • Links to related work; end of April to Late August.

Tasks to be done

This project is currently (Aug 2008) in a preliminary planning phase consisting of at least the following subtasks to be done:
  • links to retinopathy and other similar eye disorders
  • links to main eye medicines
  • links to eye imaging systems
  • links to laser surgery etc

Potential course labwork topics

  • AUTOlaser: laser tissue welding
  • AUTO1030: optical strain testing of tissue welds
  • AUTO2050: tissue welding optimisation (DeforMEERI)


Eye imaging, cameras, etc
Eye diseases
Eye medicines
  • under construction ...


Early papers Retinal imaging:
Here some most recent retinal imaging refs: Measurements, Therapy, Healing etc
Other references that seems to be relevant when looking retina and its problems: Other related biomed refs:
Mostly using ICG in imaging: A more completed ICG bibliography as a pdf file and NIRS as a pdf file. Indocyanine green in surgery
Indocyanine green
Properties of ICG:

Online Medical Dictionary:
Chemical name: 1H-Benz(e)indolium, 2-(7-(1,3-dihydro-1,1-dimethyl-3-(4-sulfobutyl)-2H-benz(e)indol-2-ylidene)-1,3,5-heptatrienyl)-1,1-dimethyl-3-(4-sulfobutyl)-, inner salt, sodium salt

CAS: 3599-32-4

Acros Organics / ICG laser grade.

Aldrich Suomi:

TOXNET / HSDB / ICG In vivo:
ICG is irreversibly removed by hepatocytes (liver cells). Therefore it can be used to estimate hepatic (liver) blood flow in addition to cardiac output and blood volume in humans. Plasma half-life is 3 to 4 min. The recommended dose for ICG angiography is 0.2-0.5mg/kg, the maximum daily dose should not exceed 5 mg/kg. /med:ARaabe05b/ Other NIR dyes
There are also some other NIR dyes (under development mainly): Fluorescein
Only a few interesting references to the most commonly used retinal angiography contrast agent fluorescein:
Tissue optics
Optics and optical properties of tissues:


Genetic algorithms and retina:
Being one of the most active genetic algorithm optimisation groups, it is most natural to see what retina related research already exists. Here some references:

Sanastoa / Vocabulary

For engineers not so familiar with medical terminology:

aneurysm verisuonen laajentuma
angiography verisuonikuvantaminen
artery valtimo
capillary hiussuoni
chorioidea suonikalvo
cilia ripset
contrast agent/medium varjoaine (tässä oik. loisteaine)
cornea sarveiskalvo
corpus vitreum lasiainen
erythrocyte punasolu
fovea centralis keskuskuoppa
fundus silmän takasisäosa (verkkokalvo)
in silico computationally
in vitro off line, "vitriinissä"
in vivo on line, in live organism
iris värikalvo, iiris
lacrimal kyynel-
lacrimal gland kyynelrauhanen
lens mykiö, linssi
macula keltatäplä
neutrophil granulocyte valkosolu
oculus silmä
optic disc sokeatäplä
palpebrae luomet
pupilla pupilli, mustuainen, silmäterä
reticulocyte nuori punasolu
retina verkkokalvo
sclera kovakalvo (silmämunan kuori)
tapetum nigrum musta verho, pigmenttiepiteeli (estää heijastukset verkkokalvon takaa)
vein laskimo
vessel suoni

Lyhenteitä / Abbreviation

BLI BioLuminescence Imaging
CCD Charge-Coupled Device (camera)
CT Computed Tomography
GA Genetic Algorithm
ICG Indocyanine Green
MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging
NIOM NIR Operating Microscope
NIR Near-InfraRed
NIRF Near-InfraRed Fluorescence
NIRS Near-InfraRed Spectroscopy
PET Positron Emission Tomography

Osallistujien esittelyt

Nimi Yritys/Organisaatio
Jarmo AlanderVaasan yliopisto
Petri VälisuoVaasan yliopisto

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