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AUTO3050 Physiological psychology
AUTO3130 Medical Imaging
AUTO3220 (NIR) Spectroscopy
R.M. Berne etal: Physiology
J. Heikkilä: Kardiologia

Tiivistelmä / Abstract

Värisuonet sivulla on linkkejä verisuonikuvien ehostukseen eli väritykseen muihin kuvankäsittelymenetelmiin, joita sovelletaan lähinnä indosyaniinivideoangiogrammeihin.

Sivu on tuotettu editoimalla AUTOsydan sivua.

Color veins page contains links to methods trying to make blood veins more illustrative e.g. by coloring grey tone angiograms got by indocyanine green contrast agent.

This page was produced using AUTOsydan page as a template.

Status (tasks)

Tasks done

  • This page created 29th January 2009 using AUTOsydan as a starting point. AUTOsydan contains mostly indocyanine green and heart angiography related stuff.

Tasks to be done

This project is currently (January 2009) in a very preliminary planning phase consisting of at least the following subtasks to be done:
  • a gallery of representative ICG images and their processed versions.
  • Links to related work;

Labwork topics for AUTOcourses etc:

  • AUTO1030: image processing methods


Angiography, cameras, etc
  • under construction ...


ICG in angiography (new applications)
Tomography development with ICG
Other NIR dyes
There are also some other NIR dyes (under development mainly):

Sanastoa / Vocabulary

For engineers not so familiar with medical terminology:

anastomosis liitos, harauma
aneurysm verisuonen laajentuma
angiography verisuonikuvantaminen
arteriole hiussuonistoa syöttävä ohut valtimo
artery valtimo
bypass crafting ohitusleikkaus
capillary hiussuoni
contrast agent/medium varjoaine (tässä oik. loisteaine)
coronary sepel-(valtimo/laskimo)
diastole lepovaihe vs. systole
erythrocyte punasolu
in silico computationally
in vitro off line, "vitriinissä"
in vivo on line, in live organism
intramural seinämän lävitse/poikki (esim. paine)
intraoperation leikkauksen aikana
intravascular suonensisäinen
neutrophil granulocyte valkosolu
reticulocyte nuori punasolu
suture (haava)tikki
systole supistumisvaihe
vascular (veri)suoni-
vein laskimo
venule hiussuonista verta keräävä pieni laskimo
vessel suoni

Lyhenteitä / Abbreviation

BOLD Blood Oxygenation Level-Dependent
BLI BioLuminescence Imaging
CABS Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting
CCD Charge-Coupled Device (camera)
CT Computed Tomography
GA Genetic Algorithm
ICG IndoCyanine Green
ICGA ICG angiographybr> MIS Minimally Invasive Surgery
MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging
NIOM NIR Operating Microscope
NIR Near-InfraRed
NIRF Near-InfraRed Fluorescence
NIRS Near-InfraRed Spectroscopy
PDT PhotoDynamic Therapy
PET Positron Emission Tomography

Osallistujien esittelyt

Seuraavassa listaa potentiaalisista osallistujista:
Nimi Yritys/Organisaatio
Jarmo AlanderVaasan Yliopisto
Petri VälisuoVaasan Yliopisto

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