Prof. Josu Takala
Profile Professor (Production Economics), the head of department,
University of Vaasa

Docent (Industrial Management);Helsinki University of Technology
Docent (Production Economics);University of Jyväskylä
Docent (Industrial Management);University of Oulu
Docent (Faculty Of Engineering);University of Kasetsart(Bankok, Thailand)

prof. Josu Takala
Courses: Strategic Corporate Planning (Technology Management)
Seminar Cources for Under- and Postgraduate Students
Research Interests:
Stratregic Management (of Technology); Performance measurement systems
Quality and Technology Management
Production Management and Logistics
Decision Making for Operations and Technology Management
Jogging, Photographing, Fishing, Volley Ball, Tennis
Future research

Other info:
Reception: Fridays
Wolffintie 36 F1, IV Floor Room #434
FIN-65101 Vaasa, Finland
Postal address: P.O. Box 700, FIN-65101 Vaasa
Phone +358-6-3248 448
Fax: +358-6-3248 463

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