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  • Technology in the supply chains

    Digital technologies are salient drivers for todays supply chains. Configurators, cloud manufacturing, real-time enterprise, big data analytics and optimization are currently promising technologies. My research addresses the management of logistics processes in supply demand networks, which take place in various industries. This research has developed new approaches on analytical modelling and use of computers solving the industrial management problems.

  • Recent and ongoing projects

    ASDN Software for supply chains

    Network analysis

    2007- Present

    A rapid modelling tool for designing global supply chains. Visualizes network structures and allows key performance indicator analysis. Inventory models for inbound and outbound materials are fully customiziable. This software is distributed open source. Industrial partners include ABB.

    Cloud manufacturing


    2010 – 2016

    Production planning and control can be integrated to production machinery, and provided as a service from cloud. Real-time view on asset utilization, various key performance indicators are managed by using a cloud manufacturing platftorm and digital-twin located in the cloud is mirrored in reality. Our cloud manufacturing lab at Technobothia shows how production planning, machine control and production simulation are integrated. Industrial partners include Dimecc and Prima Power.

    Big data analytics for container ships


    Jun 2014 – 2017

    Large container ships provide large volume of global logistics. In academia, bay planning has been modelled as a stowage problem. However, large ships seem to have lower capacity utilizations compared to smaller vessels. This project has developed tools to visualize container stowage and link key performance indicators at the main leg. Industrial partners include Dimecc, Cargotec, Tieto and Napa.

    Servitization and digitalization


    This book is dedicated to the issues and complexities of industrial services supply chain management. It analyzes how the transition from products to services can be managed, and how supply chains can be adjusted to reflect this new status quo. The book begins with chapters examining product-service systems structures and servitization – the services infusion process.

  • Publications

    Digitalization of operations are changing supply chains. Networks may operate by using real-time information. Below you will find some selected recent works. Full list of publications are available at Google Scholar.

  • Teaching

    Full up to date list of publications is available at Google Scholar. Below selected works:

  • Community

    Development of technology and business

    • FIMECC - Finnish metals and engineering cluster
    • Merinova - Technology center 
    Technology ventures


    • HKS – Hot dip galvanizing
    • Wapice – software for industry
    • Summium – sales configurators
    • BTB Plaza – e-business for power transformers
    • Jubic - cloud based solutions
    • NoSwing - anti-sway system for EOT cranes


  • Contact

    University of Vaasa, Networked Value Systems, Department of Production

    Box 700, FI-65100 Vaasa, FINLAND


    phelo@uva.fi, tel. +358-50-5562668 (UTC+2)


    Office: Logistia, Kauhajoki





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