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(A photo of Timo Salmi)

Prof. (emer.) Timo Salmi

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. Professor of Accounting and Business Finance
Department of Accounting and Finance
Faculty of Business Studies
University of Vaasa, Finland

General mission

Enhancement and distribution of rational knowledge.

Various activities

. Tutoring doctoral students.
 ·  Doctoral Research Seminar 
 ·  Managing Doctoral Research lectures 
 ·  Nation-wide doctorial tutorials in accounting 
. On the editorial board of the B>Quest WWW Journal of Applied Topics in Business and Economics.
. Contact executive of the local branch of the Finnish Union of University Professors .
. Garbo  shareware, freeware and public domain programs library maintainer.
. Co-moderator of Usenet newsgroups comp.archives.msdos.announce  and comp.archives.ms-windows.announce .

Contact information

Room:  D341 Tervahovi building
Email: ts(ät)uwasa(dot)fi

Student reception: Please see the new home page

My most common reply to students' emailed questions 
Tel: +358-6-324 8111 (University switchboard)
Fax: +358-6-324 8344
Snail mail: P.O.Box 700, FI-65101, Finland
Personal information

Born: In 1945 in Helsinki, Finland

Major professional interests:
 · Financial statement analysis
 · Quantitative research methodologies and principles
 · Tutoring master's and doctoral theses
 · Operations research in accounting

Scientific publications you can read right here

Timo Salmi and Martti Luoma, Deriving the Internal Rate of Return from the Accountant's Rate of Profit:  Analysis and Empirical Estimation. The Finnish Journal of Business Economics 1/1981, 20-45.
Reijo Ruuhela & Timo Salmi & Martti Luoma & Arto Laakkonen (1982). Direct Estimation of the Internal Rate of Return from Published Financial Statements:  With results on the long-run growth, profitability, and financing behavior of major Finnish pulp and paper firms. The Finnish Journal of Business 4/1982, 329-345.
Timo Salmi and Ilkka Virtanen, Deriving the Internal Rate of Return from the Accountant's Rate of Return:  A Simulation Testbench. Proceedings of the University of Vaasa, Finland, No. 201, 1995.
[BOOK] Timo Salmi and Ilkka Virtanen, Measuring the Long-Run Profitability of the Firm;  A Simulation Evaluation of the Financial Statement Based IRR Estimation Methods. Acta Wasaensia, No. 54, 1997.
[BOOK] Timo Salmi and Ilkka Virtanen, Economic Value Added: A simulation analysis of the trendy, owner-oriented management tool.  Acta Wasaensia, No. 90, 2001.

[BOOK] Timo Salmi, Ilkka Virtanen and Paavo Yli-Olli, On the Classification of Financial Ratios:  A factor and transformation analysis of accrual, cash flow, and market-based ratios. Acta Wasaensia, No. 25, Vaasa 1990.
Timo Salmi and Teppo Martikainen, A Review of Financial Ratio Analysis.  The Finnish Journal of Business Economics 4/1994, 426-448.
Timo Salmi, Jussi Nikkinen and Petri Sahlström, The Review of the Theoretical and Empirical Basis of Financial Ratio Analysis Revisited. University of Vaasa, Finland. URN:NBN:fi-fe20051937. A World Wide Web publication, 2005.

Timo Salmi, Review of Finnish Expenditure-Revenue Accounting.  EIASM 1978, University of Vaasa 1993.
Veikko Jääskeläinen, Timo Salmi and Yrjö Wasiljeff, International Capital Market Segmentation  in the Face of Joint Operating and Capital Budgeting Decisions of Multinational Firms. EIASM 1976, University of Vaasa 1996.
Veikko Jääskeläinen, Timo Salmi and Jaakko Hara, An Intertemporal Linear Programming Model with Deterministic Loan-Deposit Relationships for Optimal Credit Expansion Strategy in a Bank  EIASM 1976, University of Vaasa 1996.

Timo Salmi and Marko Järvenpää (2000). Laskentatoimen case-tutkimus ja nomoteettinen tutkimusajattelu sulassa sovussa . The Finnish Journal of Business Economics 49:2, 263-275.

Salmi, Timo (2004). You've got email ... again! Protecting one's emailbox from spam with automatic filtering. In Contributions to Management Science, Mathematics and Modelling. Essays in Honour of Professor Ilkka Virtanen. Acta Wasaensia No. 122, 225-244. Eds Matti Laaksonen - Seppo Pynnönen. (Show abstract ) (Fulltext ).

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