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Sites with permission to mirror Garbo archives Garbo, the computer star

The following FTP sites on Internet have our permission to mirror Garbo archives. That's exactly what this is: A list of sites that have our permission. No more, no less. There are no guarantees that the sites are in operation and actually mirroring Garbo archives. The are no guarantees that a site that does mirroring is up to date.

All rights remain reserved by the University of Vaasa, Finland. While our explicit permission is required for mirroring Garbo archives we do not accept any responsibility for the files at or the actions of the mirror sites.

Authorized, public Garbo mirror sites (Sun 17-Jan-1999 09:14):

France, Europe nephtys.lip6.fr OK Mon 22-Dec-2003
Germany, Europe ftp.de.uu.net Sat 11-Jan-2003, Garbo mirroring discontinued?
Chemnitz, Germany, Europe ftp.tu-chemnitz.de OK Sun 21-Dec-2003
Erlangen, Germany, Europe ftp.easynet.de Sat 11-Jan-2003, Unable to verify
Great Britain, Europe ftp.demon.co.uk Sun 22-Dec-2003, Two months or more behind
Lancaster, Great Britain, Europe micros.hensa.ac.uk Mon 22-Dec-2003, Mirroring discontinued
Pisa, Italy, Europe cnuce_arch.cnr.it Sat 11-Jan-2003, Mirroring discontinued
Riga, Latvia, Europe ftp.lanet.lv Sat 11-Jan-2003, Mirroring discontinued
Warsaw, Poland, Europe sunsite.icm.edu.pl OK Sat 11-Jan-2003, 2 days old
Lisbon, Portugal, Europe ftp.telepac.pt Sat 11-Jan-2003, Mirroring discontinued
InfoMagic, Inc., AZ, USA ftp.infomagic.com Sat 11-Jan-2003, Service not available
Walnut Creek, CA, USA ftp.cdrom.com Sat 11-Jan-2003, Mirroring discontinued
Urbana, IL, USA uiarchive.cso.uiuc.edu Sat 11-Jan-2003, Mirroring discontinued
St. Louis, MO, USA wuarchive.wustl.edu Sat 11-Jan-2003, Mirroring discontinued
Rochester, NY, USA ftp.rge.com Sat 11-Jan-2003, Mirroring discontinued
Melbourne, Australia archie.au Sat 11-Jan-2003, Server Not Found
Melbourne, Australia ftp.bhp.com.au Sat 11-Jan-2003, Mirroring discontinued
Canberra, Australia sunsite.anu.edu.au Sat 11-Jan-2003, Site closed
Hong Kong, Asia ftp.hkstar.com Sat 11-Jan-2003, Access refused
Taiwan, Asia NCTUCCCA.edu.tw Thu 7-Jan-99 Mirroring discontinued
Seoul, Korea, Asia ftp.nuri.net Sat 11-Jan-2003, Mirroring discontinued
Seoul, Korea, Asia ftp.sogang.ac.kr Sat 11-Jan-2003, 2 years behind
Seoul, Korea, Asia nis.dacom.co.kr Sat 11-Jan-2003, Connection refused
Singapore, Asia ftp.cyberway.com.sg Sat 11-Jan-2003, Mirroring discontinued
Natal, South Africa Owl.und.ac.za Sat 11-Jan-2003, Unable to locate the server
Sao Paulo, Brazil ftp.unicamp.br Sat 11-Jan-2003, Mirroring discontinued

Brazil custom.lab.UnB.br Mon 22-Dec-2003
Great Britain, Europe disabuse.ftp.demon.net Mon 22-Dec-2003

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