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Anonymous Usenet posting, another view

Most of the FAQ material concerning anonymous postings to the Usenet news is advice about why and how to do it. Some such links are included at the end. However, the purpose of this page is to present a completely contrary subjective view. Why not post anonymously but with one's true identity.
Anonymity gives a false sense of security. In the modern age postings are stored for years, perhaps even for decades on public repositories, such as Google. Even if one prohibits the storing with the "X-No-Archive: yes" also such posting tend to be quoted, ending, at least partly in the repositories. Especially on domestic newsgroups it has been observed that anonymity can be broken by a knowledgeable community if it gets into such a mood and/or if need be. Given this fact, it is prudent to think before choosing one's words and style even when writing anonymously.
Fear of the present or future boss: One of the superficially valid-sounding arguments that has been presented in favor of anonymity is the worry that the potential employers might later check the news repositories for the postings of the applicant. That argument and worry emphasizes an implicit correlation between anonymity and abrasive or abusive behavior on the net. If that indeed is the case, then this goes right back to the credibility issue. It is one more reason for the serious readers not to pay much attention to clandestine posters. So why not let the situation rather work the other way round. Why not let good and responsible postings under your own identity act as your potential recommendation. Anyway, whether one writes anonymously or not, it is rational to give some consideration to what one is going say.
The freedom of speech issue and anonymity have been beaten to death back and forth on the Usenet news. It is a bottomless can of worms best steered clear of. At one extreme there is being able to speak under repression. At the other extreme there is especially the North American obsessing with free speech, sometimes blatantly used as a prop by disturbed posters to justify their raving anonymous Usenet misconduct .
Please note: The listing of the anonymous posting facilities below does not constitute a recommendation to use them. Rather the contrary.

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