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Bernd Pape, PhD

Lecturer of Statistics

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Faculty of Information Technology
University of Vaasa, Finland

Contact information

Reception: by appointment
Tel: +358-(0)29 449 8310
E-mail: bepa 'at' uwasa.fi
Address: P.O.Box 700, FIN-65101, Finland


• Probability and Statistics

• Todennäköisyyslaskenta (Probability Calculus)

• Johd. stokastiikkaan ja aikasarja-analyyseihin (Introduction to Stochastic Processes and Time Series Analysis)

• Econometrics 1

• Practical Econometrics for Finance and Economics (Econometrics 2)

• Tilastotieteen Perusteet (Introduction to Statistics: old 2019 version)

• Riippuvuusanalyysi (Statistical Analysis of Contingency and Regression)

• Mathematics of Financial Derivatives

• Analysis of Financial Time Series


• Kolari, James W.; Bernd Pape; Seppo Pynnönen (2018). Event Study Testing with Cross-Sectional Correlation Due to Partially Overlapping Event Windows. SSRN Working Paper 3167271.

• Knif, Johan; Bernd Pape (2014). Contributions to Mathematics, Statistics, Econometrics, and Finance: Essays in Honour of Professor Seppo Pynnönen. Acta Wasaensia 296, Statistics 7.

• Nyqvist, Frederica; Bernd Pape; Tony Pellfolk; Anna K. Forsman; Kristian Wahlbeck (2014). Structural and Cognitive Aspects of Social Capital and All-Cause Mortality: A Meta-Analysis of Cohort Studies. Social Indicators Research 116, 545-566.

• Pape, Bernd (2007). Asset Allocation and Multivariate Position Based Trading. Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination 2, 163-193.

• Pape, Bernd (2007). Asset Allocation, Multivariate Position Based Trading, and the Stylized Facts. Acta Wasaensia 177, (Ph.D. dissertation) Statistics 4.

• Pape, Bernd; Ejvind Bonderup; Klaus Mölmer (1997). Scattering of neutral atoms by the evanescent field around an optical fibre. Journal of Quantum and Semiclassical Optics 9, 419-442.

•  Reviewing tasks for Applied Economics (2010), European Physical Journal B (2009), Computational Economics (2007).

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