University of Vaasa Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Faculty of Technology



I have taught, or am teaching, the following courses (UH=University of Helsinki, RU=Reykjavik University, UV=University of Vaasa):

  1. Advanced optimization (UV)
  2. Algebra I (UH)
  3. Decision analysis under uncertainty (UV)
  4. Financial mathematics for business students (RU)
  5. Financial mathematics for engineering students (RU)
  6. Introduction to probability (UH)
  7. Malliavin calculus (UH)
  8. Mathematical finance (UH)
  9. Numerical Finance (UH)
  10. Operations Research (UV)
  11. Probability I (UH)
  12. Probability theory (UH)
  13. Probability and Stochastic Processes (UV)
  14. Statistics II (RU)
  15. Stochastic analysis (UH)
  16. Stochastic processes (UV)
  17. Topology I (UH)

Lecture Notes

Here are some leture notes I have written.