University of Vaasa Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Faculty of Technology



I have taught, or am teaching, the following courses (UH=University of Helsinki, RU=Reykjavik University, UV=University of Vaasa):

  1. Advanced optimization (UV)
  2. Algebra I (UH)
  3. Decision analysis under uncertainty (UV)
  4. Financial mathematics for business students (RU)
  5. Financial mathematics for engineering students (RU)
  6. Introduction to probability (UH)
  7. Linear Algebra I (UV)
  8. Malliavin calculus (UH)
  9. Mathematical finance (UH)
  10. Numerical Finance (UH)
  11. Operations Research (UV)
  12. Probability I (UH)
  13. Probability theory (UH)
  14. Probability and Stochastic Processes (UV)
  15. Statistics II (RU)
  16. Stochastic analysis (UH)
  17. Stochastic processes (UV)
  18. Topology I (UH)

Lecture Notes

Here are some leture notes I have written.